Spooky Southcoast Radio 12-26-09

The show last night did not go out on WBSM's feed and luckily they updated the feeds today. So, here ya are.

Show notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for December 26, 2009. Guest: Tom D'Agostino. We talk with Tom about his latest work and his other books on New England haunts. Later in the show, we play a 911 tape from a Bigfoot sighting in San Antonio, TX and Matt Moniz discusses the UFO that hovered over Moscow in early December.

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Spooky Southcoast Radio 12-12-09 - Jim Marrs

"Spooky Southcoast" for December 12, 2009. Guest: Jim Marrs. Longtime "SSC" favorite and one of Tim's personal idols, Jim Marrs, joins us once again. This time, he's talking about his first-ever novel. "The Sisterhood of the Rose," and we discuss the Nazis' obsession with acquiring occult objects and the power they hold. Later in the show, we dip into the 9/11 conspiracy theories and more.

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Sppoky Southcoast Radio 12-5-09

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for December 5, 2009. Guest: John Lucas. While other healers may treat what ails you, John says he goes "Beyond Healing" by deleting the frequencies that cause pain, whether it be physical, mental or emotional. Later in the show, John gives us examples of his work and takes calls from the listening audience.

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Updates coming soon

I just check the main SSC site and the update from Sat. is not there yet. I have it recorded and listened today. Tommorrow I have an interview then the rest of the day is cutting audio so I'll try and get there show up and mine ready.

Spooky Southcoast Radio 11-24-09

"Spooky Southcoast" for November 21, 2009. Guests: Pastor Swope, Christopher Balzano. In the first hour, we talk with Pastor Robin Swope, "The Paranormal Pastor," about balancing his ministerial duties and his investigations into the unknown. In hour two, we introduce a new segment--"The Balzano Breakdown"--in which Chris brings a popular topic down to its essence. This time around, it's the "Twilight" craze.

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Spooky Southcoast Paranormal Radio 11-14-09

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for November 14, 2009. To celebrate the upcoming 13th annual Rock4XMAS charity tour, we welcome in foundation founder Wayne Morrison, as well as guests Jeff Belanger, Butch Patrick (TV's "Eddie Munster"), Kelly Keeling (TSO) and Terry ILous (XYZ). Also, we discuss Donna LaCroix's controversial interview with "The Ghost Divas."

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Spooky Southcoast Radio 11-07-09

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for November 7, 2009. Guests: Patrick H.T. Doyle, Greg Newkirk. We talk about the need to keep the paranormal community moving forward and the negative effects that hoaxes and "para-celebs" might have on the field with Patrick of HauntedHoax.net and Greg of the Who Forted? blog.

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Our History Project Board Meeting and the Future

I have plenty of shows to put up, however I wanted this week’s focus to on our board meeting held on Monday, November 9th, 2009. I invite you to listen, give input and offer guidance as we go into this next year. We have accomplished so much in the short time we have been here and where we go from here either has a finite stopping point or will be an unbelievable adventure.

Cassie and I personally are going to step back this week to reflect on the past seven months and get a game plan together for the next physical year which is coming on fast. We have hit a home run on the entertainment side with our shows. That we can see from our numbers and even on 1000mikes.com in just being there 4 short weeks we now hold #3 in the top shows on that site. That says a lot. We have a lot of listeners, made some great friends and for that we are successful.

The other side is the financial part and the funds that will take us to that next level and further our vision and enhance our mission. On that we have had almost no support at all. A few great people have came forward and for that I am grateful, your funds, time resources and gifts have gone to a great cause and every penny was pinched to make it go that much further. Thank you.

Is this project going away? No. There will be some changes coming with a focus on what and how we can remain funded to further our mission and vision. For that I am excited because what it says is that we have put together a winning product and idea. It is like now is the time to get started.

Again, I invite you to listen, give feedback and support. Everyone has heard the JFK speech “Ask not what your country can do for you …”, but few remember the 6th paragraph in that same speech “..United there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided there is little we can do - for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds or split asunder.”

We are at a crossroads and we want to refocus and put forth our best. Anything less would be an insult to us and to you. It is our contention to focus our time, energy, talents and funds where we can do the most good as it relates to our non-profit venture.

We want your input, that’s why we did this as a non-profit in the first place. The history is ours - The memory is ours - and The future is ours.

OHP Staff

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OHP Radio - Let's Be Reasonable

This week Butch and I tackle an article which appeared in the Providence Journal “Dig uncovers significant historical site in Narragansett” by Randal Edger that was published on 10-18-09. We take a look at this case between Churchill and Banks and the State of Rhode Island. Listen, give some feedback - and you be the Judge.

Both OHP and American Digger would love to have some comments on this show. It is a subject that affects us all, in one way or another.

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OHP Radio - Monday Night Live - Show #3 - 11-02-09

This week is going to be a running battle as we get ready to head to Dover, TN. For show #3 please go to OHP Radio Channel to listen and download. I will post a better quality version next week and add it to the archives.

OHP Radio - Saturday - 11-07-09

Join us on OHP Radio Channel Saturday at 10AM as we make history with the first ever live broadcast from a hosted hunt. After the recording is over it will be listed as "Recorded Broadcast". This is an exciting time for us as we bring new technology from the field to you. There may be more than the one labeled the same, the time and length will be clear when it was recorded.

You can keep up to date with me and Butch on the OHP Channel on our site and if for some reason there is an issue there you can go to the direct site at OHPRadio Live on 1000mikes.com

OHP Radio - The Bell Witch with Pat Fitzhugh

Folks today we head to the Spooky Side of History. We go in search of the Southern myth and legend of the “Bell Witch” with Author and Historian Pat Fitzhugh. This is one of the most documented haunts in American History, and for good reason. It will not only send some chills down your spine but is also a fantastic story. We invite you to read more about Pat Fitzhugh on our Authors Corner or go over and explore his site and learn more about this haunting on his site www.bellwitch.org. Pat has written some great books on the story of The Bell Witch plus a brand new one “Ghostly Cries from Dixie”, which is sure to be a hit. He tells us one of the stories at the beginning of the show and I throw in a small teaser story at the end. What a way to spend the night!

After listening to our show head over to www.spookysouthcoast.com where my good friends will be telling ghost stories from 10PM-Midnight and you can listen live. So, listen to the Story of the Bell Witch, go grab the candy and sit back and listen to more stories Tim Weisberg, Matt Moniz and Matt Costa while getting ready for bed.

Happy Halloween!
Our History Project

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OHP Radio In The Dirt Halloween Special

Today Butch brings us some strange but true stories from the field. A hair-raising good time will be had by all, guaranteed.

This Saturday join us early for Pat Fitzhugh and the Bell Witch and join Spooky Southcoast at 10 for thier Spooktacular.

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Spooky Southcoast Radio 10-24-09

Show Notes:
10.24.09: Dr. Rita Louise, author of the book Dark Angels. Not everything you'll experience from the great beyond is something that is friendly, and Dr. Louise will creep us all out with her experiences just one week before Halloween!

On OHP Radio Halloween Night we will have Pat Fitzhugh, Author and historian for the Bell Witch Haunting

Download the show.

OHP Radio - Lets All Go To Gullah Gulla Island with Ron Daise

OHP Radio - Lets All Go To Gullah Gulla Island with Ron Daise

Sorry I could not resist the title and today we are joined by Ron Daise. A Gullah Historian to talk about the Gullah Language, Culture and Heritage. I really had a good time with Mr. Ron and I know you will to. We talk about a wide range of topics including the Slave Trade to Traditions to Wives Tales and so much more. We could not possibly cover all that we wanted in the one hour that we had, though we did try. For that reason I have provided you with some links to discover more.

Biography for Ron

N.P.S. site for the Gullah/Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor

Brookgreen Gardens

Wednesday Show

If you missed our Wednesday show of In the Dirt with American Digger the title was Finding the Cache. We explored the finds that made the day and in some cases the news. You can find the show on Our History Project website.


Don't forget every Monday Night at 10PM est. you can now call in and talk to Me, Butch and Ian about hunting, history, preserving or anything you would like, its open topic. (678-369-7943) or Skype to wesley.c.anderson.

Spooky Southcoast Paranormal Radio

Ok, audio is fixed.

Show Notes:

10.10.09: This week, psychic Kim Dennis talks Lizzie Borden and offers free readings.

Download the show.

Spooky Southcoast Paranormal Radio - 10-03-09

Show Notes:

This week, we'll be joined by the one and only
Tim Binnall, host of the esoteric audio journey known as Binnall of America. He'll talk with us about a number of topics, including the upcoming Mass Mystery Weekend that you won't want to miss!

Download the show.

OHP Radio - Espionage and Undercover

Espionage and Undercover

Today Butch and I take a look at the under workings of spies from the Civil War to World War II. It was not the subject planned but it took on a life of its own and we just went with it. Also find out if you have a very rare collector’s item. Find out how Parker Brothers help win WW II. Find out about Charleston’s Love-In during the 1700’s and a bunch more. History and fun is the subject for today!

We are also working on a way to have live callers for a special once or twice a month show with Butch and I . Let us know if this is something you would be interested in. - Would you call?

Don’t forget you can order your copy of the shows in higher quality than available on the web. And, by recent request we can also offer the interview section of the show only (without Cassie and I), we aim to please.

This Saturday we have guest Eric Hammel.

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OHP RADIO - Captain Dale Dye

We are joined by Captain Dale Dye (USMC Ret.). If you do not recognize the name I’m sure you will know the movies – Saving Private Ryan, Platoon, Band of Brothers are just to name a few. Dale Dye is an actor, director, advisor and so much more. We credit him with bringing the real story to Hollywood and putting the realism into the movies we see. Capt. Dye is the real deal – 3 Purple Hearts, Bronze Star and several other medals of distinction. If anyone knows what it should be, he is one that can tell you from firsthand experience.

Also, starting this week you can purchase HQ copies of the show. The cost is $5 per CD. A $2 shipping charge will apply but only to one of them - so you can order 50 copies and still only be $2 shipping. AND, YES - IT'S TAX DEDUCTABLE!

All shows will still remain free online (no change there). All the shows we post are recorded at 48 bits and these CD's will be at 192 bit, Just a cleaner sound. The difference is also the size. We try and keep the downloads under 30MB in size while the CDs do not limit the size for audio.

We are just thinking of ways that we can provide a product at a low cost to you to help fund our Nonprofit Mission. We will be building our past shows so if you want a specific one let me know and I'l work on those first.

Any questions drop me an email at craiganderson@ourhistoryproject.com

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Spooky Southcaost Paranormal Radio - 09-19-09

Show Notes:

Spooky Southcoast" for September 19, 2009. Guests: Uncle Creepy; Todd Sheets. With the new film "Paranormal Activity" creating a buzz, we talk to one of the few who've already seen it--DreadCentral's Uncle Creepy. Also, legendary horror director and host of "Nightwatch" Todd Sheets checks in as well. Plus, we get live UFO reports from the listeners--but it turns out it was just a NASA suborbital rocket launch.

Download the show.

We are still here

We got back from Mickey Mouse land, it was fun but glad to be home. There was no show last week and I'll cut and post the show from last night probably on Monday (my eyes still are not working right from exhaustion). Just wanted to give an update.

OHP show and SSC updates should be back on schedule. If I can wake up.

Have a good one


Spooky Southcoast Radio - Ericka Boussarhane - 09-05-09

Have a great holiday everyone.

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for September 5, 2009. Guest: Ericka Boussarhane. We speak with psychic medium Ericka Boussarhane (www.coldcasepsychic.com), the "Oprah of the Paranormal," about her studies in psychic abilities. Later, she takes calls from the listeners and offers up a reading of our own resident skeptic, Matt Costa.

Download the show.

30 Odd Minutes 09-04-09 Loyd Auerbach

Show from 09-04-09 Guset Lyd Auerbach. Also some jamming with the crew.

Download the show.

OHP RADIO - John Lynch - Fayetteville, GA Historian

I thought this may be of interest to some because it contains stories of some very notable people of our history. Also don't forget look down this list I have added the other side of SSC from 8-29 and also check out 30 odd minutes. I cut the audio so we can all say we saw it or heard it rather. Let me know what you think about doing the audio for 30 odd minutes here (Yes or No). Thanks- Craig

Show notes OHP:

Ever since I started this project there have been two names that have surfaced in people saying you have to get ……….Well, one of those have to haves is today’s guest John Lynch.

John is the city of Fayetteville, GA historian and curator of the The Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House Museum. This is a show that as they say - Is sure to please. Join us as John spins tales, facts and legends of such notable caricatures and events such as Doc Holiday, Margaret Mitchell, Lost Treasure, Civil War raids and humorous citizens. As I said it one that is sure to please.

If you are in the area stop in and visit The Holliday-Dorsey-Fife House Museum. There website is http://hdfhouse.com/ .

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OHP RADIO - The Ride Of Paul Revere by Gordon Syzymanski

“The Tale of Paul Revere” by Gordon Szymanski.

Folks this is our first step into the children shows that we want to be the next step in Our History Project. Gordon worked with us this summer for about a month. What you will hear is his creation and we are proud to have it. He worked hard and I think it shows. This story is for the elementary age and we invite you to listen, take it to school, hand out to teachers or anyone. It’s 4 ½ minutes long and tells the story of that famous ride so many years ago.

Download this episode (right click and save)


I got an email from Tim earlier this week and have not had a chance to get back on the site until today, but hey, we like playing catch up right. He has posted the other side of the show from 8-29-09 so now we got two, count 'um two this one is Tim's side he recorded while at the Q Club.

Download the show.

30 Odd Minutes 08-09

I thought I would give this a try. I have heard about the show 30 Odd Minutes but due to life I seemed to never be able to watch it. Most of my entertainment is done while driving so I thought, hey why not see how this translates to just audio. I pulled it up set the timer and we'll see how it comes out.

The picture below is the picture that is talked about near the end of the show which I just happened to catch. The swishing noise is from my computer which I will correct on any other showings. Everything else is just the cast and crew.

So if anyone out there has not been able to catch Jeff and the crew, give this a listen while playing, driving or working out.

Show Notes:
(Aired August 27, 2009) In Episode Ten we come to you live from a cell in the haunted Derby Gaol in Derby, England. We talk the history and the haunts with author, historian, and lecturer, Richard Felix. Perhaps best known for his role on the television show, Most Haunted, we talk about Richard’s paranormal experiences in the Gaol and his views on what exactly is a ghost. Don’t miss 30 Odd Second with Keith Johnson of N.E.A.R. and an amazing paranormal clip of the week with Ron Kolek of the New England Ghost Project. Do ghosts have a sense of humor? Tune in to find out! If the truth is out there… 30 Odd Minutes will find it… but only by sheer accident.

Download the show.

Spooky Southcaost Radio 08-29-09

Show Notes:

8.29.09: We'll be broadcasting LIVE from a haunted location in
Fall River, author of

"Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends, & Eerie Events."

Download the show.

Spooky Southcoast - Paranormal Radio - 08-15-09

Early show tonight folks - enjoy.

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for August 15, 2009. Guest: Elizabeth Russell. Tim and Matt C. kick around the idea that the paranormal is starting to become normal...and Elizabeth Russell of Bay State Paranormal Center checks in to discuss Paranormal Night at the Brockton Rox.

Download the show.

Wrong File Posted

Really everyone it is ok to let me know when I screw up. I loaded the wrong file for the Richard Felix show. It's fixed now so the 100 or so folks who downloaded the 7-11-09 show from here, sorry. The correct one is up now.



Spooky Southcaost Radio 08-10-09

I have usually tried to keep the audio file under 24MB in size. Sometimes the audio quality of the final output forces me to go up a little. This was one of those times and this download will be about 34MB, sorry for that but its not as big as some files we have posted before.

Also, there was an auto commerical break at 46 minutes that lasted for 10 minutes in which the conversation was knocked out, I left a blank space for it so if it sounds wierd thats what happened. We also got hit agian for 1 minute just before a break around 1:12 into the show.

It was a good show with Richard Felix and I think you will enjoy it.

Have a great week,


Show Notes:

This week, we'll be joined by paranormal historian and
"Most Haunted" presenter
Richard Felix.

Lenght 1:33

size 34MB

Download the show.

OHP Radio - Colin Woodard - The Republic of Pirates

This week we are please to introduce you to Colin Woodard. Colin is here to talk about his book “The Republic of Pirates. There are a ton of facts that I bet you did not know on this subject, I didn’t. It is a great show that goes back in time to a swashbuckling high seas adventure. Join us as we explore not only the Pirate culture itself, but those legendary characters that made our visions of pirates today what it is. You will also be surprised at how short of time the golden age of the pirates was that still gives us this vision even today. For a full Biography on Colin Woodard please visit his website http://www.colinwoodard.com/ and his book The Republic of Pirates can be found on Amazon.

Download this episode (right click and save)

August 1: Lizzie Borden and What Is a Ghost?

Sorry for delay again folks, school starts tomarrow down here and we're going nuts with melt downs and the whole thing.lol

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for August 1, 2009. Guests: Jill Dalton, Faye Musselman. Guest host: Jeff Belanger. The one and only Jeff Belanger returns for his monthly co-hosting gig after a brief hiatus, and he asks the question, "What is a ghost?" The answer isn't as easy as you'd think. We also talk about the Lizzie Borden case and its paranormal legacy with actress Jill Dalton and Borden expert Faye Musselman. And, to top it all off, Jeff gives away concert tickets to one (un)lucky caller.

Download the show.

OHP - Peter Limburg - Deceived: The Story of the Donner Party

I thought some of you would enjoy this one.

Author and friend Mr. Peter Limburg joins us this week to talk about the perils of the Donner Party. This is a tale you don’t want to miss. You may have heard the story before, and I believe it was in elementary school when I first heard this tale, but if you are like me I never have heard the whole story. The first epic that told of human consumption was and has always been a grizzly tale, at least in my mind.

However, hearing the story unfold you will discover new dimensions to this tale, one of deception, greed, hardships, trusts and mistrusts, courage, stupidity and fate. As I said, this is one you do not want to miss. Hear this story, learn what happened and also learn that a bad discussion can change your life forever. Deceived: The true story of the Donner Party can be found in hardcover and Kindle editions on Amazon.com.

Lenght: 67:43

Size: 23MB

Download this episode (right click and save)

In To The Wild

This week we talk about the dangers and the "Critters" of the great outdoors. You may be swinging a coil, hiking, camping, boating or what ever you do outdoors and rest assured if you do it often enough you will have a chance encounter with one of the rascals we mention here. But hey, running from bee's, dancing with ants and wrestling bears is considered exercise, so that is a plus. We'll let you know what to do, well maybe just a story, when these "surprises" happens to you. You may even live to tell the story....we did.

Once again, thank you for listening. We love the feedback we're getting so keep them coming. Don't miss this Saturdays show - we have Peter Limburg on and we will be discussing the fate of the Donner Party. Adventure in the High Serria's - from top of the world to the lowest parts of the underworld, decisions you only hope you'll never be faced with.

Please pass the show around, burn it to a CD, put it on a Thumb Drive, download it to an MP3 player, send a link...anyway you can share it, do. Remember it "Our History" and it is meant to be shared.

Have a great week and I'll see ya Saturday,


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Spooky Southcoast Radio 7-25-09

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for July 25, 2009. Guests: Civitron, Mr. Basilisk. We are joined by two real-life superheroes, as we discuss taking an active role in improving the community as well as the Superheroes Anonymous movement.

Download the show.

What a show.

I don't know about you, but I realy liked the Triangle show this past week. For those of you with more interesr in the King Philip's War you can hear the whole story told by Aaron Cadieux on Our History Project. There is a great history there that everyone needs to know.



The Bridgewater Triangle Specail.

Download the show.


Super short show tonight because of Baseball - just a little over 21 minutes. They talked about John Keel a small tribute that will continue at a later date.

Download the show.

Great News SSC Fans

Hey everyone, I got an e-mail from Tim this morning and they are all caught up with the shows. They are`up and running full speed. Right now the feeds are completely and can be updated from I-tunes and other podcasting feeds. They are working on the site archieves now as well. So now all the shows are availible and I can finally hear the one I missed.

I will keep recording and posting the shows as a backup as well so there will be 2 chances not to miss one of the best shows anywhere on the paranormal - "Spooky Southcoast".

Have a great week,



Show Notes:

Renowned Psychic and Remote Viewer Discusses His Prediction of Michael Jackson’s Death

Join the Spooky Crew as we discuss the events of Jackson's Death with Aaron C. Hanson.

Aaron is the psychic and remote viewer who was featured on the In Search Of TV Documentary remake in the episode on Psychic Spies. Aaron demonstrated that he could precisely locate a person at a remote location using only his remote viewing skills. He has been featured on such television shows as “SOS” of TV Asahi in Japan, mainstream radio broadcasts such as Coast to Coast AM with Art Bell, George Noory, and others. He was filmed in a major motion picture “Suspect Zero” where he also served as technical assistant. Since then he has done multiple internet radio broadcasts, and keeps a popular blog on his Myspace page www.myspace.com/hearananda where he occasionally reveals winning lottery numbers for specific areas of the world. Some of his lottery successes include a November 5th, 2008 posting for the state of Illinois marking his first in a series leading up to a release of various books and lectures on acquiring numbers and other techniques involving psychic functioning. Aaron predicted 666 as this number and in fact, that was the winning number!



Download the show.


Show Notes:

What the heck is an Esoteric Numerologer I know what both of those words mean, but together. Come find out tonight as Esoteric Numerologer Elizabeth Summers
joins the crew at Spooky Southcoast from 10-12 EST tonight.

Summers is the author of Numerology, Working With Numbers" Do-It Yourself Workbook, and has recently begun publishing a series of Life Lesson and Personal Bookmarks which bring simple life lessons and issues to people in a accessible, fun, and impactful way. She has also created a new series of books with simple numerology formulas with descriptive explanations of the resulting numbers included that is geared to parents so they can find out about who their children are as souls. Her experience includes a widely diversified background in the fields of teaching, business, numerology and numerolinguistics, professional writing, lecturing, and counseling.

Listen in and hear the difference between the "production-line" numerologist and someone in touch with the ancient numbers.

Lenght 1:39

Size 35MB

Download the show.

This weeks SSC show

I have just walked in from vaction and checked to make sure the show recorded. It did! I will try to put it up on Monday, it maybe late but check back.


I want to thank the Spooky Southcoast Crew for having me on as a guest in the first hour to talk about Our History Project. Since I was on the show the show was recorded from the live stream and it was cliped 20 minutes at the begining due to the after game show.

Next I want to thank you for putting up with my feeds here. I have only been putting the OHP shows here that I think would intrest you. If by chance you have an idea for the show (a topic you want to hear) let me know.

Elizabeth Russell also joined the crew to talk about some exciting new ways that now everyone to can take a class and get involved with the Bay State Paranormal Center. Thats right you can see and interact from your home anywhere in the world. How cool is that?

Lenght :1:25

Size: 24MB

Download the show.

This Weeks Show

Sorry for the delay folks, edit is done and I am re-recording it now, it will be ready in the morning. Hope all had a good fathers day. I am fat and happy. - Craig

Our History Project – “Titanic’s Last Secrets” – Brad Matsen

I thought this may interest some. And the fact that SSC just did a show on the Society of the Dead and going to this location for EVPs. This has long been a fascination for many.

This week we are pleased to have Historian, Writer, Researcher and Explorer Brad Matsen. Brad is here to talk about his latest book “Titanic’s Last Secrets”. The book and the interview leaves nothing out or to chance. We go behind the scenes to explore the truth of the sinking, who knew what and when. And, we will also talk about the people who built the ship, the cover-ups and the conspiracy theories about this ship and it’s sinking. We will also answer the age old question of – “Why does the world romanticize this tragedy?”

This is the stuff of legend folks!

I will be posting a review of this book soon, and let me tell you know – It is worth the time! Full review coming soon to the Our History Project Book Review blog.

Lenght: 1:15

Size: 25MB

Download this episode (right click and save)

Our History Project – “In the Dirt with American Digger” – Getting Started in Metal Detecting: The Beginners Guide

This week we on Our History Project’s “In the Dirt with American Digger” segment we host what you would call the Beginners Guide to the Hobby of Metal Detecting. From the stores, to the machines, to the places to hunt. The contacts, groups, strategies and more, it’s all here.

So if you have ever had the question asked of you your asked just to yourself – “What do you find with that thing?” Or better yet –“How do I get me one?” Then this show is for them - or you.

Our History Project is Nonprofit and open sourced, we promote Preservation and Education of our history, and as I have always said – “That starts with you!” – and in this show we will tell you how.

If you would like this show hosted by a player on your site or your business site send me an email and I will supply the code, it’s free. It will put a player on your page just like we have on ours (nothing to install and nothing goes on your server). If you would like I can even take off the opening comments (just let me know). The main goal of this episode is to promote our hobby in a positive light and give a basic foundation on which to grow. Bringing new blood into our world of research, history and preserving artifacts can only increase our understanding of the past.

Pass this show around folks!

Lenght: 49 Min

Size: 19MB

Download this episode (right click and save)

No show tonight folks

Twitter feed said canceled. I'll try and find a best of show later tonight to post.

Personal note: We had a serious crash this week and thankfully I was all backed up. Check your backup plan now. Even with all the precautions I had in place I still lost about 2 days of production time.

- Craig

Our History Project – The Steam Ship Arabia - Charlie Harris

This week on Our History Project we talk with Charlie Harris, Author of several books and a contributing writer to American Digger Magazine. Charlie is going to tell us the saga of the Steam Ship Arabia. The amazing thing about this wreck – you will not believe where it was found and what was on it.

Don’t forget on Wednesday we will have the “In the Dirt with American Digger” segment. Butch from American Digger Magazine will be in to talk about the hobby of Metal Detecting. And, knowing us, you never know where we will end up!

Length: 57 min

Size 23MB

Download this episode (right click and save)

OHP - June 6th, 1944

Spend the Day with Spencer Wurst as he drops in with the 82nd Airborne. Think your day was bad?

Length:52 Minutes

Size: 22MB

Download this episode (right click and save)


Bear with the audio on this one for the first 20 minutes or so. I got the first part off of the TV feed before the station feed came on, but the rest is quality.

Show Notes:

We'll be joined by Steve Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group, talking about Phase III of the Million Fax on Washington,aiming to get President Obama to release the country's secret UFO files.

Plus, do you have what it takes to be a Superhero?

Download the show.

SSC tonight

Unlike last week the Mercury Retro-grade styed away for the most part. I did get the show between the TV feed and the audio feed, and it is in the editor as we speak. I will cut it tomarrow and get it up.

Last weeks show was lost due to unknown reasons (yes, really) I have no clue. This one seems fine and should be up shortly.


Our History Project - 05-30-09 - Museum of Avaiation - Warner Robins, GA

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Ok folks, it's here and not too rough. Just remember I'm doing it for free(lol). If you come to a place and it seems to pause just let it run it's not your device. I knocked out what I could but the voice pattern was different from this feed so I'm sure there are lags somewhere and may be many. Good news is that most all of it is there. The buffer onlines got me a few times.

Show Notes:
We have to wait for the Red Sox and the postgame show to end, but then we'll be joined by Rob Conover. Rob will talk with us about his paranormal investigations and how he helps spirits move into the light.

Also, Spooky TV will be on the air as well!

For those who have not tuned into the tv side of the show I will say that it was fun, a little scary, but fun. Seriously if you haven't had the chance do.

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SSC Show this week

The station had some feed issues this week but I was able to pull the audio from the Justin TV feed and alot of it is choppy. I will work on it tonight and as time alows this week. I did not get the first 10-15 minutes I believe but the rest should be there for the most part.

In other words saty tuned.

Our History Project - Memorial Day Special

This week Our History Project pays tribute to all of the fallen Patriots, Soldiers and Private Citizens of our great country who gave their life for our country and for us. Join us this week as we remember our history through a collection of short stories that covers our history from the Revolutionary War to the Current Middle Eastern Conflict.

Hour 1: 56 min. - 22MB

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Hour 2: 1:06 - 23MB

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For some reason the show was cut off during the Week in Weird (Matt Moniz story) and it never came on agian. There was nothing but commercials that followed so I'm not sure what happened. So we will have to catch the rest of the stories when the official release of the show is posted.

Also, thanks for everyone who has been supporting Our History Project. We are off to a great start. This week we talked to Bob Slaughter and heard his personal account of D-Day.

Show Notes:

The Red Sox are taking over our usual time slot so we'll be on the air at 8 p.m. EST
to talk about the ghosts of the Titanic with Sandman, group leader for Society of the D.E.A.D.

Also, Spooky TV will be on the air as well!

Size: 23MB

Lenght: 56:04

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First Happy Mother's Day!!

The auto commercials hit us several times last night and unlike last week these seemed to be extended ones. We still got 1:23 munites worth of the show, so we were off about 8-9minutes total.

Show Notes:

This week, we're joined by Dr. Louis Turi, celebrity psychic and all-around amazing guy. Dr. Turi is one of the most fascinating and most-requested guests on our program, and we're so glad to finally have him back with us!

You can also join us on Twitter.

Click here to sign up for our Twitter feed.

Size: 33MB

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Our History Project - The Final Chapter - Aaron Cadieux - King Philips War

This week the final chapter of King Philip's War with guest and Film Maker Aaron Cadieux whose is working on the Documentary "The First Patriots". Try as we may it is going to go 1 more week and finish with part 3. We will try not to do many of these continuations often, however since more than 95% of Americans know anything of this war we thought it was important to share this story.

A couple of things to note: King Philip was not English nor was he French, he in fact was the chief of the Wampanoag Indians and this war was also referred to as Metacomet's War or Metacom's Rebellion. In this episode the war begins the atrocities begin as well, so parents you may want to listen first.

This has been a fascinating series and we thank Aaron Cadieux for giving his time and knowledge to us and sharing this piece of history. When this video is released, we have offered and I hope the offer was accepted, we will be hosting viewing of this film in the Atlanta Area. If you, your group or historical organization would be willing to host such an event please let me know. I would be a wonderful testament for this story to reach all 50 states.

On the lighter side Butch Holcombe with American Digger Magazine stopped by for some fun and a couple of stories with a promise to call us from the field if he makes a great find this week on vacation.


A complete Biography on Aaron can be found on Our History Project - Authors Corner.

American Digger Magazine

We have a name for our segment, “(?)” Congratulations to (?), who will be receiving a 1 year subscription to American Digger Magazine. (Sorry, you'll have to listen to find out!)

If you did not win this one tune in next week for our announcement of the next contest. Hint- It involves Cash!

Lenght: 80 Minutes

Size: 32MB

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Spooky Southcoast Radio 5-02-09

Show Notes:

Tim is out on the court tonight and Matt Moniz takes the helm while Matt Costa keeps him strait at the controls. Tim did pop in for a visit via phone. Chris Balzano joins us as we discuss the life and times of famed author and paranormal investigator Hans Holzer.

Side note:

For those who have been following the King Philip's War by previous Spooky Southcoast guest Aaron Cadieux, Part 2 is now up. The War begins and I will advise the parents to listen first, war during this time of history is very cruel. A great story that needs to be told reguardless.

For those that have not followed this story (part 1) it is the story behind the story of the Bridgewater Triangle, the Hockomock Swamp and Anawan Rock which has been very popluar here as far as topics go. To listen, download or stream you can go to ourhistoryproject.com. Part 1 and 2 is up and will finish next week with Part 3.

Length: 1:06:00

Size: 61MB

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In this feed you will notice while listening a few missing segments usually 30-45 second spots where it clipped the conversation. The auto commercial(?) from the station must have kicked in. So if you hear something that does not sound right that is probably it.

Show Notes:

Live remote with Matt Moniz and Jeff Belanger at the Mt. Washington Beyond Reality event.

Also, sorry for the large file, due to the live feed the audio was a little shaky at some points and I was afraid that if I re-record it at the normal rate that I post it may compromise it even more so I left it alone.

Length: 1:28:00

Size: 81MB

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King Philip's War

Hello everyone,

We had Aaron Cadieux on Our History Project. He has been on Spooky Southcoast before with the Bridgewater Triangle and Dark Woods. You have heard the guys talk about King Philips War, the Hockomock Swamp and Anawan Rock.

Now is your chance to hear the story behind the hauntings. This is part one of the King Philips War. Go to Our History Project to download or stream.

Tune in Sunday and I'll try and have SSC up.


Spooky Southcoast Radio 04-18-09

They are back folks! From what I heard when I cut the show they did not have any guest. We're just glad for the return. Enjoy.

Length: 1:08:00

Size: 63MB

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Our History Project – 04-18-09 – Early Baseball with Tim Darnell and Relics with American Digger Magazine

This will be the last full show post on this site of Our History Project. Thanks for your patients while we got things going. I will post the links for the new shows in-case there may be an intrest, but nothing to the extent I am currently doing.

Thanks again


First don't forget to go to our Forum http://ourhistoryproject.lefora.com/forum/ sign up and show us what you have found, tell us what your researching or just reading.


Spring is here! The flowers the showers, the grass, everything is waking up and starting to green. Songs such as “Me and You and a Dog Named Boo” and “Put me in Coach” bring about an almost festive time or feeling in us of an age to remember. With these memories of Spring that comes flooding back during this time of year comes the “Excitement” that the diamond is open and the bases are lined.

Its Baseball again, Folks!

What better way to start the season than remembering a little of the past. Our guest this week is Tim Darnell. Tim is the author of “The Crackers, Early Days of Atlanta Baseball.” Tim not only tells us stories of the second most winning-est team in all of professional sports, but gives us an insight to the early days of the game including Professional, Minor League and Negro League Ball.

A link to Amazon and Tim Darnell’s book “The Crackers, Early Days of Atlanta Baseball” can be found here.

This is a show you do not want to miss!

Relics, Detecting, Preserving and Enjoying History

We were also treated to an appearance by Butch Holcombe of “American Digger Magazine”. Not only did American Digger become a Sponsor for the show, supporting our vision of preserving the past but Butch has agreed to join us again for a weekly spot to highlight stories of History and those that relate to Metal Detecting and Relic Hunting, what is being found around the country and how you can catch the bug.

The great thing about Butch and American Digger Magazine is that they are true friends to our history’s past and are very much proponents of Preservation and Education. Their main site can be found at http://www.americandigger.com/ and for being a sponsor they also have a logo placement on each of our pages at http://www.ourhistoryproject.com so you can find them anytime. Their Our History Project can be found at http://ourhistoryproject.com/AmericanDiggerMagazine.html.

We can be found on all podcasting sites including, i-tunes, zune and twitter.

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Length 1:17:00

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Show notes:

January 19, 2008 : Dark Woods

"Spooky Southcoast" for January 19, 2008. Topic: "Dark Woods" Guests: Christopher Balzano, Alan Alves, Tim Binnall, "Lucky." We talk with Chris about his book "Dark Woods: Cults, Crime and the Paranormal in the Freetown State Forest," and with former Det. Alves, who investigated many cases in the forest. Binnall (www.binnallofamerica.com) gives us an update on his new season and the all-new SpookySouthcoast.com

Length: 1:41:00

Size: 23MB

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