Our History Project - 05-30-09 - Museum of Avaiation - Warner Robins, GA

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Ok folks, it's here and not too rough. Just remember I'm doing it for free(lol). If you come to a place and it seems to pause just let it run it's not your device. I knocked out what I could but the voice pattern was different from this feed so I'm sure there are lags somewhere and may be many. Good news is that most all of it is there. The buffer onlines got me a few times.

Show Notes:
We have to wait for the Red Sox and the postgame show to end, but then we'll be joined by Rob Conover. Rob will talk with us about his paranormal investigations and how he helps spirits move into the light.

Also, Spooky TV will be on the air as well!

For those who have not tuned into the tv side of the show I will say that it was fun, a little scary, but fun. Seriously if you haven't had the chance do.

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SSC Show this week

The station had some feed issues this week but I was able to pull the audio from the Justin TV feed and alot of it is choppy. I will work on it tonight and as time alows this week. I did not get the first 10-15 minutes I believe but the rest should be there for the most part.

In other words saty tuned.

Our History Project - Memorial Day Special

This week Our History Project pays tribute to all of the fallen Patriots, Soldiers and Private Citizens of our great country who gave their life for our country and for us. Join us this week as we remember our history through a collection of short stories that covers our history from the Revolutionary War to the Current Middle Eastern Conflict.

Hour 1: 56 min. - 22MB

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Hour 2: 1:06 - 23MB

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For some reason the show was cut off during the Week in Weird (Matt Moniz story) and it never came on agian. There was nothing but commercials that followed so I'm not sure what happened. So we will have to catch the rest of the stories when the official release of the show is posted.

Also, thanks for everyone who has been supporting Our History Project. We are off to a great start. This week we talked to Bob Slaughter and heard his personal account of D-Day.

Show Notes:

The Red Sox are taking over our usual time slot so we'll be on the air at 8 p.m. EST
to talk about the ghosts of the Titanic with Sandman, group leader for Society of the D.E.A.D.

Also, Spooky TV will be on the air as well!

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Lenght: 56:04

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First Happy Mother's Day!!

The auto commercials hit us several times last night and unlike last week these seemed to be extended ones. We still got 1:23 munites worth of the show, so we were off about 8-9minutes total.

Show Notes:

This week, we're joined by Dr. Louis Turi, celebrity psychic and all-around amazing guy. Dr. Turi is one of the most fascinating and most-requested guests on our program, and we're so glad to finally have him back with us!

You can also join us on Twitter.

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Our History Project - The Final Chapter - Aaron Cadieux - King Philips War

This week the final chapter of King Philip's War with guest and Film Maker Aaron Cadieux whose is working on the Documentary "The First Patriots". Try as we may it is going to go 1 more week and finish with part 3. We will try not to do many of these continuations often, however since more than 95% of Americans know anything of this war we thought it was important to share this story.

A couple of things to note: King Philip was not English nor was he French, he in fact was the chief of the Wampanoag Indians and this war was also referred to as Metacomet's War or Metacom's Rebellion. In this episode the war begins the atrocities begin as well, so parents you may want to listen first.

This has been a fascinating series and we thank Aaron Cadieux for giving his time and knowledge to us and sharing this piece of history. When this video is released, we have offered and I hope the offer was accepted, we will be hosting viewing of this film in the Atlanta Area. If you, your group or historical organization would be willing to host such an event please let me know. I would be a wonderful testament for this story to reach all 50 states.

On the lighter side Butch Holcombe with American Digger Magazine stopped by for some fun and a couple of stories with a promise to call us from the field if he makes a great find this week on vacation.


A complete Biography on Aaron can be found on Our History Project - Authors Corner.

American Digger Magazine

We have a name for our segment, “(?)” Congratulations to (?), who will be receiving a 1 year subscription to American Digger Magazine. (Sorry, you'll have to listen to find out!)

If you did not win this one tune in next week for our announcement of the next contest. Hint- It involves Cash!

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Spooky Southcoast Radio 5-02-09

Show Notes:

Tim is out on the court tonight and Matt Moniz takes the helm while Matt Costa keeps him strait at the controls. Tim did pop in for a visit via phone. Chris Balzano joins us as we discuss the life and times of famed author and paranormal investigator Hans Holzer.

Side note:

For those who have been following the King Philip's War by previous Spooky Southcoast guest Aaron Cadieux, Part 2 is now up. The War begins and I will advise the parents to listen first, war during this time of history is very cruel. A great story that needs to be told reguardless.

For those that have not followed this story (part 1) it is the story behind the story of the Bridgewater Triangle, the Hockomock Swamp and Anawan Rock which has been very popluar here as far as topics go. To listen, download or stream you can go to ourhistoryproject.com. Part 1 and 2 is up and will finish next week with Part 3.

Length: 1:06:00

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