I caught the first part of the show tonight and Tim said they had the show last week about the Fearing Tavern. It must have been a podcast only show because it did not air from their station feed (I checked 2 different feeds) and I am dying to hear it.


Tonight's guest is Willie Windwalker Gibson. When the show notes appear I'll add them to this post

Lenght: 1 hour 35 minutes

Size: 38MB

Download the show. Right click and "SAVE TARGET AS"


I hope everyone has a great day!

The People of Fall River - 1916

While browseing one of my favorite sites I came across these images taken by Lewis Hines. Hines under took the hard position and tried to document child labor in america at the turn of the century. He has photographed many children working in mills and caves who where earning money and making a living at an amazingly young age.

We have heard of Lizzie and Fallriver but I, like many have never traveled there. I found these shots interesting to see some of the faces and people who grew up there. Surely the families of these workers knew of the crime and I suspect some of thier family members could have sat in jury for the trial. The photos were taken in 1916 which was some years after the "accident", ok ....murder. The photo above is one of the pictures I found showing the guys and the link for a very large image can be found here1916 photo 1. The second photo is of the girls and can be reached here 1916 photo 2. You can view and purchase images or give feed back here. The link is to Shorpy.com and they post images from mid 1800's to mid 1900's with a heavy dose of early 1900's america in all aspects of life.

Be warned if you are a photo nut like me you will spend days upon days at the Shorpy site. The photos linked may not have any relivance to the case or Lizzie itself, but I did find it interesting.

I did not add links to Hine's names here because there is such a wide base of information and images. I would recommend googling "Lewis Wickes Hine" to just to view a small portion of what he was about and what he helped accomplishd.


By curse what I am really refering to is the fact that I want to hear this one and it will not air. (LOL)

No show was on tonight for some reason. I did get alot of nice commercials but no show. I hope everyone is ok first and formost and am waiting on pins and needles to hear this one.

Show notes for night's unaired show:

"12.20.08 SPECIAL START TIME OF 6 PM EST. After months of hinting around, we finally get to devote an entire episode to our investigation of the Fearing Tavern in Wareham, MA. Built in 1693, it has over 300 years' worth of stories to tell. Jeff Belanger will sit in with us in his monthly guest-hosting spot, and we'll be joined by Fearing investigators Carlston Wood of Phantom PI, Andrew Lake of Greenville Paranormal, and EVP specialist Mike Markowicz. Mike has some rather controversial EVPs that he'll play for us. In addition, we'll also be joined by Grace Morrison, tour guide at the Tavern."


How about another BEST OF night. I pulled this one from Feb 11, 2006 on of the very first shows about the Bridgewater Triangle.

Show Notes:

"Classic" Spooky Southcoast from February 12, 2006. Guests: Christopher Pittman and Aaron Cadieux. Topic: The Bridgewater Triangle. In our first look at the Triangle--and just our third show ever (and it shows)--we examined the history and the reports with Chris and Aaron.

Download the show. Right click and "Save Target As".


No show notes where listed for tonights episode. On the fly cutting I did not listen enough to wing the notes myself. After I listen to the show I'll be glad to give the synopsis of the show.

A few things I did notice and are worth mentioning:

Tim's laptop is still down and no live TV feed happened.

Matt Moniz was out in the field.


Next Weeks Show will be at 6:00 eastern time. So mark your calenders for that.

Size: 36.7 MB

Lenght: 1 hour 37 minutes

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Have a great week everyone!


Due to “technical stupidity” the show was not recorded this week. I did have a nice 6 hours of a microphone recording of an empty house. Good news: No ghosts, demons or burglars!

In all seriousness I had been cutting audio for my book and forgot to switch the software back to the internal feed. Sorry.

I will keep watch and when the guys post the show on their site I’ll put it up here as well. In the mean time we can do a best of show. I picked the "Bell Witch Show" from May 26th, 2006. It was one of my favorites due to the fact that I had family in Tennessee and had grown up with this tale/legend.

MAY 26, 2006

Show notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for May 27, 2006. Guests: Ric White and Linda Thornton. Topic: The Bell Witch Haunting. We talk with Ric and Linda who made the first film about the Bell Witch about the legend, what's fact and what's myth, and the discrepancies between what's known and what was in the new film "An American Haunting." We also debuted our second EVP from Ellis Bolles Cemetery, and "Jon" called in to share his family's experience with the Witch of Cove Street."

Hope you enjoy.

1 hour 37 minutes

Size: 22.1 MB

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What a banner night it was! In terms of the paranormal discussion it was a bust, however it was a good night for charity and another milestone for Spooky Southcoast. The first ever live video feed was up tonight. You could see the Spooky crew and guests in the studio.

Another bit of information to pass along: The achieves, rss feed link and i-tunes are caught up with the show. So now there are multiple places to find Spooky Southcoast downloads and all up to date.

There were a few minor glitches such as the audio from the videocast but it was easily fixed by hitting the streaming audio feed and minimizing it to the background. We also need to make a request for better lights so we can see properly. It may sound like a complaint, but it really not. Making Spooky Southcoast multi-dimensional brings their form of entertainment to a new level. The live chat was pretty neat from Justin TV, BTW you do need to register an account but it is very easy. Over all for a world premier showing I thought it came off well. Especially dealing with new technology.

I have included the videocast here on the site. It only shows when they are live and on the air. I will not be recording those so you will have to tune in to watch.

Show Notes: 11-29-08

"Wayne Morrison head of the Rock 4 Xmas foundation will be joining us. His upcoming Rock 4 Xmas tour and CD features rockers such as Eddie Money, Joey Belladonna of Anthrax, Terry Ilous of XYZ, Quiet Riot’s Paul Shortino and Stet Howland of WASP; and we'll be talking to Eddie Money, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DeBias and Terry Alous. All proceeds being donated to local charities that help families in need."

Size: 36.5MB

Lenght: 1 Hour 29 minutes

Download the Show. Right click and "Save Target AS"


A new venture and another chapter -

"Beginning with this week's show (Nov. 29) we're going to be offering "Spooky Southcoast TV" simulcasts of the show.

Want to see what's going on in the Spooky Studio? Want to see what we do before the show, during the breaks and once it's all over?

Check out Spooky Southcoast TV and you'll be able to watch the live studio feed, hear the show and make your own clips to post to YouTube. Plus, there's a java chat room right there to discuss everything you're hearing AND seeing!"


Update: 11-24-08

I checked I-tunes tonight and for the most part with the exception of October the shows have been updated there. The main achieve so far is still out of date but I know they are working on it. I will keep posting the new shows as long as I can so there can be two chances for us to get Spooky Southcoast incase something happens to thier feed.

We can call this blog "Spooky Southcoast - The lost Episodes". And I'm sure we can create a conspiracy for this idea as well. Speaking of which be sure to listen to the JFK show (11-22-08) it was really a good and informative interview.

Don't forget to tune in next week, it should be at the normal 10-midnight hours. Have your wallets ready for the benefit show.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

P.S. Eat extra pie for me.


"11.22.08: We observe the 45th anniversary of the assassination of John F. Kennedy with a very special show. Joining us will be Saint John Hunt, son of legendary CIA Agent E. Howard Hunt. Saint John will discuss with us his father's role in the death of the president, and the conspiracy that was behind it. We also want to hear your thoughts and theories regarding the assassination and the subsequent cover-up. Do you believe the Warren Commission? Did one "magic bullet" do all that damage? Was Lee Harvey Oswald a patsy? Tell us what you think!"

1 hour 31 minutes


Download the show. Rihgt click and "Save Target As".


Tonight it was a one hour show. Tim is back but Matt Moniz is off. The guest tonight is April Slaugther of the Paranormal Source and TAPS PARAMAG. We discuss what the Paranormal Source's function in the community and the paranormal field.

48 minutes

19.2 MB

Download the show - right click and "Save Target As".


Matt Moniz takes the drivers seat for tonight's show. He and Matt Costa did a great job hosting the show in Tim's absence!

11.08.08: The Spooky Crew will be talking to Chris Balzano with Andy Lake and Tom D'Agostino checking in while in the field. Also checking in Elizabeth Russell gives us an update on the newly opened Bay State Paranormal Center

Running Time: 1 hour 40 min

Download Size: 40 MB

Download The Show - Right Click and "Save Target".


"11.01.08: In recognition of All Soul's Day, we ask the question: just what is the soul? Rick Hayes will join us to talk about what he believes happens to our soul when we pass on, and Richard Salva will share his views regarding reincarnation. It should make for a lively point-counterpoint discussion you won't want to miss!"

1 hour 37 minutes

download size 38 MB

Download the show - Right click and "save target as".

To stream the audio click on the title. It will open in another window that has the controls.

"Please note that the stream is a lower quailty in sound to save bandwidth and space."


From the spookysouthcoast.com show notes

"10.25.08: We were knocked off the air by the World Series. Thanks alot, Tampa Rays..."


I got an email from Tim before I left town this past weekend and he did not know if or when the show would be on. I left the record time to the standard and of course missed it. I have a thought to go ahead and set everything up to record from 6 to midnight to ensure I get the show if it is on. I will not promise to keep that schedule but I will try and see how much hard drive space it eats.

Until then if anyone else has recorded the show, drop me a message so we can post it.

The Show Notes from Spooky Southcoast:

"10.18.08: The Spooky Crew will be live tonight at a special 6 p.m.EST start time before the Red Sox game."


The show from 8-9-08 is now updated in the Spooky Southcoast Archieves, and can now be downloaded or streamed.

The show notes are as follows:

The Spooky Crew kicks around a number of topics, including the battle between the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast and a new Lizzie-themed museum in Salem, as well as the alleged "Batman Curse."

Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Thanks for checking.


There was a show on this night just early.

From the main site:

We talked about upcoming events and our investigation of the Fearing Tavern in Wareham, MA; while our friend Ian Abrue sat in on the discussion.

Please keep checking the main site at Spooky Southcoast for more information and an audio of the show.

The Sox Games are on and until Baseball season is over it will be hit or miss with the capture of the show.


Tonights guests are Stephen Basset of Paradigm Research Group about the million letter march on Washington and the second hour we talked with Elizabeth Russell about the Bay State Paranormal Center. Plus Mass Monster Mash and Mass UFO Show.

Download the show. Right click and "Save Target as".

Size: 38.8 MB Lenght: 1:37

Spooky Southcoast Radio 09-27-08

09.27.08- Psychic Tiffany Johnson.

Due to technical difficulties the last 10-12 minutes of the show were not recorded.

To Download the show right click this link and "save target as".


Show notes from spookysouthcoast.com:

9-20-08 - It's UFO Abductions: Then and Now on tonight's show. First, we'll talk with Kathleen Marden, niece of Betty and Barney Hill and co-author (along with Stan Friedman) of "Captured! The UFO Experience," about what is widely considered the first major UFO abduction case. Then, we'll talk about current cases with renowned researcher and author Dr. David Jacobs.

38.4MB - 1:36 In Length

Right click and "Save Target"

Download the show


9.13.08: We're talking paranormal and the presidency as we're joined by Jeff Belanger, author of the forthcoming book "Who is Haunting the White House?" and owner of Ghostvillage.com to talk about the ghostly goings-on at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, and then we'll be joined by Grant Cameron, who will discuss with us how much the presidents have known about UFOs and the impact they've had on U.S. history.

The download is here. Right click and "save target as".


Tonight Chris Balzano.

To download the show as mp3 right click here and "save target as"