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OHP Radio presents John Ledyard - History Podcast

OHP Radio presents John Ledyard - an Audio Book Presentation

He was 10 feet tall, could run faster, walk further, swim deeper, climb higher than any man alive now or has ever been. He sailed the seven seas, explored unknown regions, walked across most of the world and met the famous and native alike. A pre-curser and idol to Lewis and Clark, a native of Connecticut and probably the most fearless explorer of all time - John Ledyard.

In the next couple of weeks we will explore John Ledyard through an 1828 book by Jared Sparks. The book is biographical sketch on John Ledyard drawing from his journals and letters. This is a one and only production of its kind, brought to you by Our History Project Productions

This episode:

The Preface and Chapter One: We learn about John beginnings, his home and family. We also look in to the spirit of knowledge, comedy, and bizarre acts that made this man who he was and where he started. This is a character I have wanted to something on and when I found a copy of the book I could not resist. I am no professional reader by any means, but I wanted to try something new here at OHP a chance for you to learn along with me. What you hear, is as far as I go in any given week. Leaving the week to google the people that surrounds John and to explore his life as I go.

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March 27: King Philip's War Controversy

"Spooky Southcoast" for March 27, 2010. Guest host: Andrew Lake. Guests: Professor Julianne Jennings, John Poniske. With all the controversy surrounding a proposed King Philip's War board game and the Native American protests over it, we speak with Prof. Jennings of the RIC anthropology department, an authority on Native affairs, as well as game designer John Poniske.

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March 20: Ouija with Robert Murch

"Spooky Southcoast" for March 20, 2010. Guest: Robert Murch. We discuss the history of talking boards, including the ubiquitous Ouija board, with historian and collector Robert Murch. Murch also tells us the story of William Fuld, the man who made Ouija famous.

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