9th Cavalry - Buffalo Soldiers

This week we head out west and experience the honor and valor, while celebrating the memory and the image of the Buffalo Soldier. We are joined by Regimental Sergeant Major William “Bill” McCurtis and Major Frank Crary of the 9th Memorial U.S. Cavalry - Buffalo Soldiers.

We learn about the history and background that is synonymous with the Buffalo Soldier, the legacy he left and we will find out how that vision is being carried out today. This was a heartfelt interview that I personally enjoyed and I know you will too.

To learn more about the 9th Memorial Cavalry folow these links:

Main Website 9th Memorial US Cavalry
The Journey Home Project

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Spooky Southcoast Radio 05-01-10


My humble apologies to all the SSC fans who have been looking for the show. Lat month I was MIA most of the time. Home only long enough to put my show together and while out and about I am not sure how many shows I caught. This one will be up in the AM on 5-2-10. The crew has not updated their archive as of yet and I know 1 weekend no show was on. I have this past weeks for sure and it is cut, the only drawback is 2 times Moniz was cut off due to auto playing net-feed commercials. We'll have to wait for the real show posting to get his thought, but until then - enjoy.

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