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What the heck is an Esoteric Numerologer I know what both of those words mean, but together. Come find out tonight as Esoteric Numerologer Elizabeth Summers
joins the crew at Spooky Southcoast from 10-12 EST tonight.

Summers is the author of Numerology, Working With Numbers" Do-It Yourself Workbook, and has recently begun publishing a series of Life Lesson and Personal Bookmarks which bring simple life lessons and issues to people in a accessible, fun, and impactful way. She has also created a new series of books with simple numerology formulas with descriptive explanations of the resulting numbers included that is geared to parents so they can find out about who their children are as souls. Her experience includes a widely diversified background in the fields of teaching, business, numerology and numerolinguistics, professional writing, lecturing, and counseling.

Listen in and hear the difference between the "production-line" numerologist and someone in touch with the ancient numbers.

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This weeks SSC show

I have just walked in from vaction and checked to make sure the show recorded. It did! I will try to put it up on Monday, it maybe late but check back.


I want to thank the Spooky Southcoast Crew for having me on as a guest in the first hour to talk about Our History Project. Since I was on the show the show was recorded from the live stream and it was cliped 20 minutes at the begining due to the after game show.

Next I want to thank you for putting up with my feeds here. I have only been putting the OHP shows here that I think would intrest you. If by chance you have an idea for the show (a topic you want to hear) let me know.

Elizabeth Russell also joined the crew to talk about some exciting new ways that now everyone to can take a class and get involved with the Bay State Paranormal Center. Thats right you can see and interact from your home anywhere in the world. How cool is that?

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This Weeks Show

Sorry for the delay folks, edit is done and I am re-recording it now, it will be ready in the morning. Hope all had a good fathers day. I am fat and happy. - Craig

Our History Project – “Titanic’s Last Secrets” – Brad Matsen

I thought this may interest some. And the fact that SSC just did a show on the Society of the Dead and going to this location for EVPs. This has long been a fascination for many.

This week we are pleased to have Historian, Writer, Researcher and Explorer Brad Matsen. Brad is here to talk about his latest book “Titanic’s Last Secrets”. The book and the interview leaves nothing out or to chance. We go behind the scenes to explore the truth of the sinking, who knew what and when. And, we will also talk about the people who built the ship, the cover-ups and the conspiracy theories about this ship and it’s sinking. We will also answer the age old question of – “Why does the world romanticize this tragedy?”

This is the stuff of legend folks!

I will be posting a review of this book soon, and let me tell you know – It is worth the time! Full review coming soon to the Our History Project Book Review blog.

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Our History Project – “In the Dirt with American Digger” – Getting Started in Metal Detecting: The Beginners Guide

This week we on Our History Project’s “In the Dirt with American Digger” segment we host what you would call the Beginners Guide to the Hobby of Metal Detecting. From the stores, to the machines, to the places to hunt. The contacts, groups, strategies and more, it’s all here.

So if you have ever had the question asked of you your asked just to yourself – “What do you find with that thing?” Or better yet –“How do I get me one?” Then this show is for them - or you.

Our History Project is Nonprofit and open sourced, we promote Preservation and Education of our history, and as I have always said – “That starts with you!” – and in this show we will tell you how.

If you would like this show hosted by a player on your site or your business site send me an email and I will supply the code, it’s free. It will put a player on your page just like we have on ours (nothing to install and nothing goes on your server). If you would like I can even take off the opening comments (just let me know). The main goal of this episode is to promote our hobby in a positive light and give a basic foundation on which to grow. Bringing new blood into our world of research, history and preserving artifacts can only increase our understanding of the past.

Pass this show around folks!

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No show tonight folks

Twitter feed said canceled. I'll try and find a best of show later tonight to post.

Personal note: We had a serious crash this week and thankfully I was all backed up. Check your backup plan now. Even with all the precautions I had in place I still lost about 2 days of production time.

- Craig

Our History Project – The Steam Ship Arabia - Charlie Harris

This week on Our History Project we talk with Charlie Harris, Author of several books and a contributing writer to American Digger Magazine. Charlie is going to tell us the saga of the Steam Ship Arabia. The amazing thing about this wreck – you will not believe where it was found and what was on it.

Don’t forget on Wednesday we will have the “In the Dirt with American Digger” segment. Butch from American Digger Magazine will be in to talk about the hobby of Metal Detecting. And, knowing us, you never know where we will end up!

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OHP - June 6th, 1944

Spend the Day with Spencer Wurst as he drops in with the 82nd Airborne. Think your day was bad?

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Bear with the audio on this one for the first 20 minutes or so. I got the first part off of the TV feed before the station feed came on, but the rest is quality.

Show Notes:

We'll be joined by Steve Bassett of the Paradigm Research Group, talking about Phase III of the Million Fax on Washington,aiming to get President Obama to release the country's secret UFO files.

Plus, do you have what it takes to be a Superhero?

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SSC tonight

Unlike last week the Mercury Retro-grade styed away for the most part. I did get the show between the TV feed and the audio feed, and it is in the editor as we speak. I will cut it tomarrow and get it up.

Last weeks show was lost due to unknown reasons (yes, really) I have no clue. This one seems fine and should be up shortly.