Spooky Southcaost Radio 08-29-09

Show Notes:

8.29.09: We'll be broadcasting LIVE from a haunted location in
Fall River, author of

"Haunted Baseball: Ghosts, Curses, Legends, & Eerie Events."

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Spooky Southcoast - Paranormal Radio - 08-15-09

Early show tonight folks - enjoy.

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for August 15, 2009. Guest: Elizabeth Russell. Tim and Matt C. kick around the idea that the paranormal is starting to become normal...and Elizabeth Russell of Bay State Paranormal Center checks in to discuss Paranormal Night at the Brockton Rox.

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Wrong File Posted

Really everyone it is ok to let me know when I screw up. I loaded the wrong file for the Richard Felix show. It's fixed now so the 100 or so folks who downloaded the 7-11-09 show from here, sorry. The correct one is up now.



Spooky Southcaost Radio 08-10-09

I have usually tried to keep the audio file under 24MB in size. Sometimes the audio quality of the final output forces me to go up a little. This was one of those times and this download will be about 34MB, sorry for that but its not as big as some files we have posted before.

Also, there was an auto commerical break at 46 minutes that lasted for 10 minutes in which the conversation was knocked out, I left a blank space for it so if it sounds wierd thats what happened. We also got hit agian for 1 minute just before a break around 1:12 into the show.

It was a good show with Richard Felix and I think you will enjoy it.

Have a great week,


Show Notes:

This week, we'll be joined by paranormal historian and
"Most Haunted" presenter
Richard Felix.

Lenght 1:33

size 34MB

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OHP Radio - Colin Woodard - The Republic of Pirates

This week we are please to introduce you to Colin Woodard. Colin is here to talk about his book “The Republic of Pirates. There are a ton of facts that I bet you did not know on this subject, I didn’t. It is a great show that goes back in time to a swashbuckling high seas adventure. Join us as we explore not only the Pirate culture itself, but those legendary characters that made our visions of pirates today what it is. You will also be surprised at how short of time the golden age of the pirates was that still gives us this vision even today. For a full Biography on Colin Woodard please visit his website http://www.colinwoodard.com/ and his book The Republic of Pirates can be found on Amazon.

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August 1: Lizzie Borden and What Is a Ghost?

Sorry for delay again folks, school starts tomarrow down here and we're going nuts with melt downs and the whole thing.lol

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for August 1, 2009. Guests: Jill Dalton, Faye Musselman. Guest host: Jeff Belanger. The one and only Jeff Belanger returns for his monthly co-hosting gig after a brief hiatus, and he asks the question, "What is a ghost?" The answer isn't as easy as you'd think. We also talk about the Lizzie Borden case and its paranormal legacy with actress Jill Dalton and Borden expert Faye Musselman. And, to top it all off, Jeff gives away concert tickets to one (un)lucky caller.

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OHP - Peter Limburg - Deceived: The Story of the Donner Party

I thought some of you would enjoy this one.

Author and friend Mr. Peter Limburg joins us this week to talk about the perils of the Donner Party. This is a tale you don’t want to miss. You may have heard the story before, and I believe it was in elementary school when I first heard this tale, but if you are like me I never have heard the whole story. The first epic that told of human consumption was and has always been a grizzly tale, at least in my mind.

However, hearing the story unfold you will discover new dimensions to this tale, one of deception, greed, hardships, trusts and mistrusts, courage, stupidity and fate. As I said, this is one you do not want to miss. Hear this story, learn what happened and also learn that a bad discussion can change your life forever. Deceived: The true story of the Donner Party can be found in hardcover and Kindle editions on Amazon.com.

Lenght: 67:43

Size: 23MB

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