Where is Spooky Southcoast?

This is a question that has been googled several times this week. The answer is they are still here and live on most Saturday Nights. Baseball has taken a few Saturdays. There are a couple of reasons they are not up to date here: 1) Due to Thunder Storms in my area I did miss 1 show and the last show due to a change in code of the player at WBSM kept kicking me off air and stopping the recording and finally I was out of town and the power went off which did not allow the recording.

The shows have been recorded by the guys on a new backup system of theirs so keep watch here and itunes for the release of the missed episodes. I have made changes on my end as well for the recordings here. Hopefully everything will be back to normal starting this week.

John Ledyard Chapter 5

Chapter 5 - The Life and Travels of John Ledyard by Jared Sparks

This week we pick up John’s story at Hawaii, just before Captain Cooks death and it ends with his return to England. There is a huge contrast to their first arrival in Hawaii and their second. I will reserve personal comments on this book until the end so not to shape any opinions. We may even do a live show and online chat for anyone who would like to participate when it is completed.

Note: There were several instances my curiosity peaked in this chapter on the known world and references to the names described. It is my intent to pull some screen shots as reference or to provide links. The David Rumsey Collection which is usual my primary source was down as I was compiling this so I went to my backup the University of Alabama (http://alabamamaps.ua.edu/historicalmaps/index.html) and referenced the map A New Map of the World with the Latest Discoveries, Boston: Thomas & Andrews, 1806; Engraved for Morse's Abridgement of Geography and London: Fisher, Son & Co., 1825.

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SSC 05-22-10

This is the show from 05-22-10. I have missed a few weekends due to heavy and violent thunderstorms. I believe I am caught up with the show but not sure. If someone can let me know if there was a show last week I would appreciate it. Due to ball games there has been some episodes that were not done. Drop the guys a note and tell them thanks, they were at the station most nights even when the show did not happen, ready to go on. That has got to be frustrating to no end.

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