The guys were ready to go tonight, but unforseen technical difficulties came to light again. It seems that this is not as easy as it seemed. Basically because it is live and not recorded.

The good news is when it is all worked out we will be able to have it on all the time, through baseball, football and basetball season. So hang in there, they are doing all they can.

I thought tonights "Best Of" shows we would do it on - Weird Massachusetts with Jeff Belanger. Jeff is always popular and never boring. Seems not many liked last weeks pick so chime in with a favorite and I'll cue it up for the next time.

Show Notes: May 10: Spooky Southcoast" for May 10, 2008. Guest: Jeff Belanger. Topic: "Weird Massachusetts." Jeff (www.ghostvillage.com) joins us to talk about his latest book on a very "weird" evening. Recorded live at the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast, we talked about everything from pink flamingos to pukwudgies.

Length: 0:46:00

Size: 10MB

Download the show.


Today marked another item checked off the to do list as we were picked up by Zune Market Place. Thanks to everyone who has supported us so far through time, talents and gifts. Without you this would not be possible.

If you have a Zune Account from the desktop jsut type in "our history project" and that should pull in the feed.


I just got an update from Tim and the show did not air due to technical difficulties last night. The station and the crew are working on the issue and they should have the show back on next week.


Ok folks, I'm calling the game. No show tonight.

In light of spring training here in the US for our Baseball teams hitting the diamond once more I thought this one would be good for a "best of" show.

Show Notes:

September 15: Haunted Baseball

Tuesday, September 18, 2007, 6:24:21 PM

"Spooky Southcoast" for September 15, 2007. Guests: Mickey Bradley, Dan Gordon, Ray Dowaliby. Mickey and Dan join us to talk about their new book "Haunted Baseball" and some paranormal tales from America's Pasttime. And Ray checks in to talk with us about SCARS Magazine and the Paranormal X conference.

Length: 1:42

Size: 23MB

Download the show.


My feed started at 6pm and the Basketball games where on. I thought they were not going to stream the games and I did not get hard confirmation from WBSM on it. SO tune back later on to see if they have a show or not.

Our History Project Is Now On i-Tunes

Our History Project Is Now On i-Tunes

Just an update. You can now also subscribe to Our History Project feed by using i-Tunes.

Subscribe with iTunes

Our History Project -Archeology Report 03-18-09

To the Spooky Southcoast Fans. Please bear with me on posting the Our History Project shows and information on here as well. This is a new venture for me and I am the owner. It is brand new and I am placing this on the 8-10 sites I run in-order to gain my web presence. In the past week it has started showing up in search engine results and I expect about one more month of posts on any releases we have. Thanks for understanding.


Hello and welcome to Our History Project where history comes to life and history becomes his story.

In this segment we will focus on U.S. archeology in the news. We are digging up, if you will, the news on what is happening around the country.
This will be a feature segment of our show and we will be hosting these points either by its own stand alone broadcast or contained within the Our History Project regularly scheduled show. Either way we will scan the country at least twice a month to give you a report from local newspapers of what is going on.

In saying that, if you have a story on archeology, in any part of the U.S. send it in. That will make sure we know about it and pass it on to our listeners.
Don’t forget the first Our History project will be released on March 28th. We will be interviewing Sue VerHoef of the Kenan Research Library at the Atlanta History Center. We will be talking to Sue and discover what the Kenan Research Library has to offer, not only to the city of Atlanta but also for the rest of the country.
Let me take this opportunity to thank you for tuning in. I hope you will find this show is not only educational but also entertaining and interactive. That’s right, we do want you to get involved we have our forum set and it is ready for you to come on in and join us for some historical conversation.

You say, “You’re not a history buff?” That’s ok too. Drop in and let us know what you think. I think I can speak for all historians and researchers on this one. We love teaching and sharing. That my friend is what history is all about, passing it along.

Our History Projects’ website is up and running and we want you there. Go to www.ourhistoryproject.com now, become a member and help us support our vision and preserve our history. It most definitely tax deductable and it will go to a great cause. Tell your friends and family as well, we have a spot for everyone.

Website: www.ourhistoryproject.com

Forum: http://ourhistoryproject.lefora.com/forum/

Lenght: 25 minutes

Size: 23MB


First of all a thank you to the fans of Spooky Southcoast, because of our efforts it seems that the show will be aired through the stream during the Basketball events. Also, hats off to WBSM who actually listened to the audiance. That says something for the management and staff of the station. So again, thank you WBSM.

Show Notes:

3.14.09: We'll be joined by Mark "ScareWolf" Nelson of "Saturday Fright Special" and David Colton of the Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards to discuss horror culture and its place in 2009.

Lenght: 1:38

Size: 39.2

Download the show. Right click and "Save Target As".

Our History Project

Just a reminder that Our History Project's first show will be available March 28th. Until then please visit and sign up for our newsletter and forum. We have a pre-show up right now.

We have a lot of great topics scheduled including the Korean War, Early Baseball, Research Libraries and a whole lot more.

Tell a friend about us who loves history. We will start with one show a week and we are looking for sponsors for each. We have some great ideas on how we can promote your business while helping to preserve history. Visit our site www.ourhistoryproject.com or e-mail me at craiganderson@ourhistoryproject.com for more information.


Just an update, I still have not heard if there will be a show or not. If not I will post a "Best Of" any topic request?

I-tunes have been updated somewhat this week.

If anybody hears anything let us know.


Hello everyone I hope you guys had a great week. I have been busy with my new venture OUR HISTORY PROJECT. If you have time stop by and give it a look. I am looking for a hard critique of the flow, look and feel as much as anything. Also, there is a section in Our History Project new forum for the Paranormal and I would love some stories.

I did not have time this weekend to re-record it as usual so this week is a large file, just over 87MB. I will dub it again sometime this week and replace it with a smaller one if you think it is too large to download.

If you like it better let me know that as well.

Take care,

- Craig

Show Notes:

3.07.09: Are you trying to use some of those casting websites to get yourself a spot on a paranormal reality show? We'll talk to reality TV vet Tiffany Johnson, and others, as we explore the idea of casting paranormal programming in this manner. Be sure to call in with your thoughts and experiences in reality television!

Lenght: 1:35

Size: 87.3MB

Download the Show.

New Paranormal Board

Our History Project is a new venture which I have started. It is a Nonprofit Corporation and will be a weekly podcast show. One per week at the present time but we have plans for at least three shows per week in the future.

You can get to it by ourhistoryproject.com, .org, .net or .us.

You can read our Mission page to learn all about the project. I have all our goals and visions.

We have our site up and running so please give it a visit and see all the things going on over there. Visit our Forum too, it is up and running and it needs people on it. It is about a week old and I do have a section there for the Paranormal. I would love to have your Stories, Myths, Ledgends, Wives Tales or anything else you can think of that would fit.

We share the world so anyone can come in and join, but the site is primaraly United States History.

The first show is set for the 28th. Be watching for us.


Sorry for the late post again, seems to be getting a habit. Get this, it is snowing which for us in Georgia it is once a year event, if that. We had none last year - Its Play Day! I know for a lot of you it is nothing new, but let me revel in glee today.

In the Baseball, we term extra innings as "Free Baseball". As in we got more than what was expected for the same price. Well Spooky Southcoast gave us free radio last night with a show even cut was almost 2 hours.

So, get your wine, beer or refreshment of choice and grab a chair; preferably on the front porch (the chair can be rocking or not - we use both); and kick back with some down home Blues.

Show notes:

In honor of Black History Month, we'll talk about the paranormal history of the blues. Often referred to as "the Devil's music," the connection between the paranormal and the blues goes even deeper than Robert Johnson (and for that matter, Tommy Johnson) supposedly selling his soul to the Devil at the crossroads. We'll be joined by blues historian Mike Rugel, host of the "Uncensored History of the Blues" podcast. We'll also be joined in-studio by local bluesman Carlston "Chops" Wood, who is also a paranormal investigator. If you want to learn more about the blues, visit The Delta Blues Museum website. We'll even see if we can get our own guitar hero, Matt Costa, to play a little blues for us!

Lenght: 1:58

Size: 57MB

Download the show. Right click and "Save Target As"