Excellent show tonight. There are a few things to note.

First Happy Anniversary Spooky Southcoast! It's the 3rd year of production and it is getting better and better.

And to keep it that way:

Second: The crew would like you to email them. Send them a email and tell them who you are, where your from and give them some feed back on the show and give them some advise on what you would like to hear (changes to the show/inclusions/guests.)

Last: Tim and Christopher Balzano has joined forces to bring you Parareltions.com

Site Information:

The world of paranormal media is on the cutting edge of all of
the new technologies. They were the first presence on the
Internet, the first to create online podcast programming, and
one of the first to start integrating streaming as a way to better
communicate and present evidence.

It's a bit overwhelming to try and navigate when you have
something to add to the field. New paranormal writers, radio
hosts and, and even publishers have a hard time being heard.

You've done what you do best...

Allow ParaRelations to do what we do best. Our experience
navigating the supernatural media landscape can help the
world hear what you have to say.

Show Notes:

1.24.09: Tonight on "Spooky Southcoast," we'll be joined by Tim Miller, publisher of President Gerald Ford's final words on the Warren Commission and the JFK assassination. Tim will tell us not only what's covered in the book, but also what President Ford told him off the record as well!

Lenght: 1:38

Size: 39.2 MB

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Spooky Southcoast Radio 1-17-09

Show Notes:
01.17.09: Tonight on "Spooky Southcoast," we'll talk with Lindsey Malone of the group Americans Against Reality TV. She'll share with us her views of programs like "Ghost Hunters," "Paranormal State," and more. Also co-hosting the program this week is Jeff Belanger, author of books such as "Who's Haunting the White House?" and "The World's Most Haunted Places," as well as a writer/researcher for the program "Ghost Adventures. " We'll get an insider's perspective of how these reality programs are put together, and we'll have some healthy debate as well! And we want to hear what YOU think at (508) 996-0500 or (508) 291-0500! Plus, Tim, Jeff and Matt Moniz will discuss the discovery of methane on Mars...does this mean there was, or is going to be, life on the red planet?

Lenght: 1:43

Size: 41.5MB

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I decided to post the often referred to Backyard podcast only episode. We have heard the guys talk about it often and some have no idea what it is, so for your listen pleasure lets begin.

This does have an adult warning on it for language.

Hopefully, next week will be back on track.

Size: 31MB

Length: 2:15

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The NFL is taking over the spooky airwaves agian. I have sent a message to the guys asking if the Fearing Tavern Show actually happened and see if they could post it. We will see what happens.

I will round up another "best of" for saturday if nothing else.

Any requests on topic or show?

Have a great week!


It seems the NFL (American Football) took SSC's spot tonight with the playoffs. I miss the show but I'll dig back in the archieves for some classics. I found 2 that I could not make my mind up on, so what the heck I'll put them both up and you can pick one or listen to them both.

Also if you did not catch it the show from the 12/6/08 was posted and you can find it below.

The first one is the first show with Christopher Balzano 03/18/06.

The show notes:
Guest: Christopher Balzano. Topic: Paranormal Massachusetts. We discuss all aspects of Massachusetts' haunted history, with Chris, who is the administrator of the Massachusetts Paranormal Crossroads website.

Lenght: 1:25

Size: 20MB

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The second one is Pirates and the Paranormal. I don't remember this one which means: it was really bad, my memory is just short, or I never heard it. Either way I'll give it a try.

Show Notes:
Guest: Kat McNiff. Guest host: "Lucky." Kat fills us in on the pirate history of New England, and shares some pirate ghost stories as well. 05/19/07

Time 1:51

Size: 26MB

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I just got the show from the 6th.

Lenght: 1 hour 38 minutes

Size: 23MB

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