I got an email from Tim before I left town this past weekend and he did not know if or when the show would be on. I left the record time to the standard and of course missed it. I have a thought to go ahead and set everything up to record from 6 to midnight to ensure I get the show if it is on. I will not promise to keep that schedule but I will try and see how much hard drive space it eats.

Until then if anyone else has recorded the show, drop me a message so we can post it.

The Show Notes from Spooky Southcoast:

"10.18.08: The Spooky Crew will be live tonight at a special 6 p.m.EST start time before the Red Sox game."


The show from 8-9-08 is now updated in the Spooky Southcoast Archieves, and can now be downloaded or streamed.

The show notes are as follows:

The Spooky Crew kicks around a number of topics, including the battle between the Lizzie Borden Bed & Breakfast and a new Lizzie-themed museum in Salem, as well as the alleged "Batman Curse."

Time: 1 Hour 34 Minutes

Thanks for checking.


There was a show on this night just early.

From the main site:

We talked about upcoming events and our investigation of the Fearing Tavern in Wareham, MA; while our friend Ian Abrue sat in on the discussion.

Please keep checking the main site at Spooky Southcoast for more information and an audio of the show.

The Sox Games are on and until Baseball season is over it will be hit or miss with the capture of the show.


Tonights guests are Stephen Basset of Paradigm Research Group about the million letter march on Washington and the second hour we talked with Elizabeth Russell about the Bay State Paranormal Center. Plus Mass Monster Mash and Mass UFO Show.

Download the show. Right click and "Save Target as".

Size: 38.8 MB Lenght: 1:37