Patrick K. O’Donnell; Give Me Tomorrow

This Week: Patrick K. O'Donnell on Korea and George Co. 3/1

I actually hear this book before I read it. The audio production was a dramatic, heart felt and touching performance. I was captivated by it and the writing style of this book brought it to life. This is defiantly one for the shelf. I knew I had to do an interview for this one, so without further delay........

Give Me Tomorrow : The Epic Story of a Legendary Marine Unit in Korea

An epic story of valor and sacrifice by a legendary Marine company in the Korean War brought to gripping, cinematic light by an acclaimed historian.

“What would you want if you could have any wish?” asked the photojournalist, looking expectantly at the haggard and bloodied Marine before him. The Marine gaped back incredulously at his interviewer.

“Give me tomorrow,” he said, as the photographer snapped one of the most iconic pictures of the Korean War.

After nearly four months of continuous and agonizing combat on the battlefields of Korea, such a desperate yet simple request seemed impossible, and for many men of George Company, or “Bloody George” as they were known-one of the Forgotten War’s most decorated yet unrecognized companies-it was a wish that would not come true.

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