Spooky Southcoast Radio 11-24-09

"Spooky Southcoast" for November 21, 2009. Guests: Pastor Swope, Christopher Balzano. In the first hour, we talk with Pastor Robin Swope, "The Paranormal Pastor," about balancing his ministerial duties and his investigations into the unknown. In hour two, we introduce a new segment--"The Balzano Breakdown"--in which Chris brings a popular topic down to its essence. This time around, it's the "Twilight" craze.

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Spooky Southcoast Paranormal Radio 11-14-09

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for November 14, 2009. To celebrate the upcoming 13th annual Rock4XMAS charity tour, we welcome in foundation founder Wayne Morrison, as well as guests Jeff Belanger, Butch Patrick (TV's "Eddie Munster"), Kelly Keeling (TSO) and Terry ILous (XYZ). Also, we discuss Donna LaCroix's controversial interview with "The Ghost Divas."

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Spooky Southcoast Radio 11-07-09

Show Notes:

"Spooky Southcoast" for November 7, 2009. Guests: Patrick H.T. Doyle, Greg Newkirk. We talk about the need to keep the paranormal community moving forward and the negative effects that hoaxes and "para-celebs" might have on the field with Patrick of HauntedHoax.net and Greg of the Who Forted? blog.

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Our History Project Board Meeting and the Future

I have plenty of shows to put up, however I wanted this week’s focus to on our board meeting held on Monday, November 9th, 2009. I invite you to listen, give input and offer guidance as we go into this next year. We have accomplished so much in the short time we have been here and where we go from here either has a finite stopping point or will be an unbelievable adventure.

Cassie and I personally are going to step back this week to reflect on the past seven months and get a game plan together for the next physical year which is coming on fast. We have hit a home run on the entertainment side with our shows. That we can see from our numbers and even on 1000mikes.com in just being there 4 short weeks we now hold #3 in the top shows on that site. That says a lot. We have a lot of listeners, made some great friends and for that we are successful.

The other side is the financial part and the funds that will take us to that next level and further our vision and enhance our mission. On that we have had almost no support at all. A few great people have came forward and for that I am grateful, your funds, time resources and gifts have gone to a great cause and every penny was pinched to make it go that much further. Thank you.

Is this project going away? No. There will be some changes coming with a focus on what and how we can remain funded to further our mission and vision. For that I am excited because what it says is that we have put together a winning product and idea. It is like now is the time to get started.

Again, I invite you to listen, give feedback and support. Everyone has heard the JFK speech “Ask not what your country can do for you …”, but few remember the 6th paragraph in that same speech “..United there is little we cannot do in a host of cooperative ventures. Divided there is little we can do - for we dare not meet a powerful challenge at odds or split asunder.”

We are at a crossroads and we want to refocus and put forth our best. Anything less would be an insult to us and to you. It is our contention to focus our time, energy, talents and funds where we can do the most good as it relates to our non-profit venture.

We want your input, that’s why we did this as a non-profit in the first place. The history is ours - The memory is ours - and The future is ours.

OHP Staff

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OHP Radio - Let's Be Reasonable

This week Butch and I tackle an article which appeared in the Providence Journal “Dig uncovers significant historical site in Narragansett” by Randal Edger that was published on 10-18-09. We take a look at this case between Churchill and Banks and the State of Rhode Island. Listen, give some feedback - and you be the Judge.

Both OHP and American Digger would love to have some comments on this show. It is a subject that affects us all, in one way or another.

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OHP Radio - Monday Night Live - Show #3 - 11-02-09

This week is going to be a running battle as we get ready to head to Dover, TN. For show #3 please go to OHP Radio Channel to listen and download. I will post a better quality version next week and add it to the archives.

OHP Radio - Saturday - 11-07-09

Join us on OHP Radio Channel Saturday at 10AM as we make history with the first ever live broadcast from a hosted hunt. After the recording is over it will be listed as "Recorded Broadcast". This is an exciting time for us as we bring new technology from the field to you. There may be more than the one labeled the same, the time and length will be clear when it was recorded.

You can keep up to date with me and Butch on the OHP Channel on our site and if for some reason there is an issue there you can go to the direct site at OHPRadio Live on 1000mikes.com