Bruce Gamble on Greg “Pappy” Boyington


My friend, historian and award winning author Bruce Gamble joins us to talk about the Top Marine Ace "Gregory "Pappy" Boyington" and the famous Black Sheep Squadron. Pappy Boyington is a legend, his antics and persona was heightened in the TV Series Ba Ba Black Sheep and made him an American Icon.
Bruce Gamble has written two (2) books on Boyington and the Black Sheep. He is quote in historical circles to be the de facto historian on the legendary figure. Join us as Bruce takes us through Boyingtons life and if you do not believe in fate.... by the end of this story, we just might change your mind. Included on this page is an interview we did together back in October 2010 on his book Fortress Rabual. Visit Bruce at his website

Greg “Pappy” Boyington

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Fortress Rabual